DiscNW - 5-Disc Grab Bag

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--- Grab Bag discs are final sale (that's how we can sell 'em so cheap!) We do not take requests for specific brands of discs or designs ---

Discraft Ultrastar AND ARIA Discs. 175g.

Get five tournament discs for $48! These discs were leftover from DiscNW tournaments like Potlatch and Spring Reign and now you can get them for a great value. They are not misprints, every disc is absolutely perfect!

Plus a portion of sales goes back to DiscNW!


grab bag discs are taken at random and we can't take requests for certain discs or designs.

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3 Reviews

Jun 12th 2018


You get 5 real nice discs for less than $10/piece. It says they're misprints but the ones I got didn't have any glaring blemishes. And as a bonus, I now look live I've attended a local youth ultimate tournament 4 times.

Jun 2nd 2017


Got exactly what I expected. 5 discs, mint condition, can't beat this price!

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