Friction 3.0

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The Friction 3 is full of new features including grip on the throwing fingers, reinforced material & double stitching on the upper palm, and added 4 way stretch at the crease of the thumb.  The Friction 3 allows you to have more control of the disc when throwing and more hand mobility when catching.  These gloves will improve your ultimate game.  

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4 Reviews

Bryan May 3rd 2018

Solid glove

Finally came around to trying gloves after being a purist for a decade. I'm still only wearing the glove on my off-hand only, but it has made me more comfortable with catches in the Seattle wet season.

My main gripe is the sizing. My hand fits best in the Mens Small, but my fingers are too long for that pair. I instead have to wear a Mens Medium and just deal with the palm being a little loose

Feb 20th 2018


It takes a little practice to get used to throwing with these gloves. Overall they are great!

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