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The Cutter is designed for the playmakers of Ultimate. It is here to help you easily secure the disc in those run-through lasers, finger tip cherry picks, and trailing edge layouts. Every aspect of this glove has been designed to help receivers substantially enhance their catching ability.


Tough. Hand Crafted. MAXX Grip.


+ MAXX Tack is designed to provide the highest level of tackiness for secure catching and disc handling


+ Increased grip also adds rotational velocity on throws for enhanced stability in the wind


+ Impact absorbing padding helps control hard-thrown discs while protecting hands


+ Coolflex backhand material helps keep you cool while providing the signature Mint fit


+ Synthetic construction provides lasting durability and year-round performance in all weather conditions


+ Low profile glove design eliminates the tension at the wrist and allows for unrestricted motion.


+ Fold-over fingertip design removes the seams from the fingertips to provide better comfort while maximizing surface area for contact with the disc


Toweled thumb provides a soft surface for wiping sweat away


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Max SHevchenko Aug 23rd 2018

Amazing initially, poor sustainability

I have tried every Ultimate (and non-Ultimate) glove brand out there and I can say that the Mints feel and perform the best. They are tackier than frictions, providing ideal grip especially if you suffer from sweaty hands or are playing in rainy conditions. They are excessively tacky like Layouts, to which the disc literally seems to stick, significantly impacting throwing mechanics. The fit is also the best out of these glove brands and catching ability is slightly enhanced. This glove is the most balanced of the three brands.

However, if you play at a higher level and lay out frequently, these gloves will rip very fast. It might be personal to me and my layout technique but out of 3 pairs of Mint gloves I have owned, all of them have ripped at the upper palm with frequent use. If this rip is at all significant, the upper part of the glove becomes somewhat detached from the lower part and slides around when you throw backhand hucks or pulls, making them essentially unusable once that rip is there. I have tried to counter this by lightly wrapping a thick rubber band at the base of my fingers, which seems to mostly correct this issue.
However, there are other sustainability issues. There seems to be several layers to this glove - the topmost, tackiest layer wears off within the first few weeks, but I'm willing to admit that might have been the case for me because I washed these gloves with the rest of my laundry. With this top layer of tackiness, the gloves are exceptional but without it I would put the grip of the gloves still above the level of frictions and gorilla grip - pretty good.
The final problem is the worst: the second layer of the glove peels off with heavy use around the middle of the thumb and index finger, leaving just the cotton base layer, but that could just be due to the high amount of huck practice I do. This final issue takes away a significant amount of functionality of the glove.
Overall, it could be the case that all of these problems are specific to me but I can't afford to shell out $35 3 times a season for gloves. I got these for my hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating) and I believe these are the best gloves for it, even with all that said.

Kate Feb 20th 2018

Feels like wearing nothing at all!

Very lightweight and comfortable. The surface doesn't noticeably affect my throws compared to being barehanded, but softens impact in cold weather and eliminates sweaty grip. Definitely the next-best feeling to not wearing gloves at all.
I recommend practicing a bit with these if you're used to Frictions, like I am, because they feel noticeably different (Frictions are much grippier).

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