You play Ultimate! But do you live Ultimate? That’s where the Nekkie comes in. It’s the last touch on that cowboy costume you’re wearing to Potlatch. It keeps your nose and neck covered in the Midwest winter when you’re playing in snow flurries and -15 degrees. It blocks out the sun during the Southern Summer. No matter where you play, no matter how you play, if you live Ultimate, you can use a Nekkie. (Or just rock it when you’re skiing!)

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Ti May 2nd 2018

Big, comfortable, stretchy and stays put

I've read reviews on other products like this and was wary of possible problems, but encountered none of them. The first time I wore it to keep the sun off my neck when the sun was low (didn't get any sunburn) and to keep my neck warmer on a cool morning, I liked it so much that I wore it for the next week. It's long and can easily cover the face though I generally don't need to do that, and once it's put in place, it's staying there. Could be used as a headband also. I wish I'd bought 2, and will probably order another in the future.

Craig Morgan Apr 11th 2017

Mmmm Warm like Hot Cocoa!

Perfect for those crisp Spring mornings and work well to keep the sun off neck and ears when I've forgotten sun screen!

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