Rainbow Hydro Shorts


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The most popular Hydro shorts of all time are back and rainbow-er than ever! We've got your red, we've got your orange, your yellow, your green, blue, indigo and heck we've even got violet hanging out! Never has an ultimate player looked more like an ultimate player than when an ultimate player is donning these Rainbow Hydro Shorts on the field. We know who you are. Time to let everyone else know you're part of the best club on earth.

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23 Reviews

Sam Boyarsky Sep 28th 2017

Everyone already knows how awesome these are.

I have nothing else to add, but I love these shorts.

Nathan Braun Jun 28th 2017

Better than expected

So vibrant, so great, I wish I didn't make them stink and I could wear them for every practice. You can also wear them as a dress, as with all 5 shorts.

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