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Rainbow Unicorn Hydro Shorts


Product Description

--- Love it or send it back! You get free returns for a whole year with the Five Guarantee! See details. ---

Also known as the Nyan-icorn, the Rainbow Unicorn flies on pixelated rainbows! Put these shorts on and experience an 8-bit rainbow world!

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  1. These Shorts Pull...

    Posted by on Sep 16th 2017

    If you're wearing these shorts you are gonna pull like the best. On and off the field. Recently played a tourni wearing this smexy piece of cloth as captain. Had the other teams captain trying get my number. Note this was not mixed. 10/10 would wear again

  2. Magical

    Posted by on May 13th 2017

    These shorts are amazing, best design and best feel. That's all you have to know! And they give you magical rainbow unicorn super powers :)

  3. These Shorts Define Me

    Posted by on May 3rd 2017

    I have a standard kit for tournaments and events:

    - Kaleidoscope Compressions
    - Rainbow Unicorn Shorts
    My tournament friends that I never interact with otherwise tell me they can always tell if I'm at an event - partially because I'm 6'2" but mostly because I always wear these shorts.

    The only downside is they're so damn sexy I end up getting dudes on the grocery store hitting on me. But who doesn't need that flattering ego boost once in a while?

  4. Coolest Shorts Around

    Posted by on Nov 4th 2014

    These shorts bring joy to my life. I was bummed that the rainbow hydro shorts were out of stock, but these make up for it. I love the pixelated look of the design, and they are so bright. I got nothing but compliments wearing them and as with all of the other hydro shorts: they are the most comfortable ulti shorts around.

  5. Awesome pants that everyone will notice

    Posted by on Oct 20th 2014

    These shorts are incredibly comfortable, durable, and everyone will notice them. I have gotten many compliments on my magic pants! 10/10 would recommend!

  6. Awesome shorts

    Posted by on Oct 15th 2014

    I bought these because they where on sale and I liked them, and they arrived very quickly and were great quality as all of 5 products are

  7. skittles

    Posted by on Oct 4th 2014

    major skittles action going on here, if you ever wanted to taste the rainbow on your legs, here ya go.
    and you know how confucius has that really flowy beard, yeah these shorts are the same, flowy, sexy, wise
    basically, confucius skittles right here, thats what these shorts are

  8. Unicorns, Rainbows, What more?

    Posted by on Sep 30th 2014

    Ever since I've got these shorts, they have been the center of attention and outshine any of my fellow companions plain old shorts.

  9. Best birthday gift ever

    Posted by on Sep 24th 2014

    I got these for my little sister who plays ultimate in high school. She absolutely adores them and thinks they're the coolest pants ever. I got her an extra-small because she's a twig and they fit perfectly! Great present.

  10. Sick design.

    Posted by on Sep 23rd 2014

    I like fluffy unicorns on my pants.

  11. Amaaaaaazing.

    Posted by on Sep 22nd 2014

    I love these shorts I wear them to work, I wear them to frisbee, I wear them everywhere. Very light and comfortable.

  12. My horn can pierce the sky.

    Posted by on Jun 26th 2014

    I'm fairly confident that these super-comfy shorts have increased my vertical. No science; just pure unicorn magic. Expect to be the envy of the rest of your team. Don't just taste the rainbow; wear it.

  13. These shorts help me get all the ladies

    Posted by on Jun 24th 2014

    Before these shorts I had no chance at getting any girls, let alone catching any hucks or completing a swing pass.
    Now that I have the unicorns on my side, I can no-look hammer against the wind with no problem at all. And now all the girls are like "Why am I not dating THAT guy?"

  14. More than expected

    Posted by on Jun 21st 2014

    I bought these shorts thinking "this will be hilarious and comfortable", but boy was I not prepared. Upon first donning these shorts I felt my soul lift up and out of my skull, soaring to the heavens on an exalted wind. The silk feel of the shorts caressed my pasty white legs and made them surge with a sensation that was simultaneously empowering and erotic. The surge of energy was intoxicating, and I felt it would never end. I then looked down to gaze upon the wonder of the shorts. The deep blue calmed every aggressive feeling in my body, changed those feelings into understanding, pure and simple. Then, the rainbow caught my eye. Beautiful in color, everlasting in grace. Following along the flowing river of color I came upon a beast shimmering in pure white.

    The unicorn enveloped me in its glory, changing me from the pathetic, beginner level ultimate player I was into something more, something that was new and frightening, but something that was always there. Upon wearing these shorts I felt Nirvana, and felt that it was not something to be attained, but instead something within me. Not quite an object buried deep beneath, under layers of human toils and under this mortal frame, but something throughout. I was that perfection, an enlightened being who was at once everything and nothing. I became what I always was, and will always be. These shorts were the key to my birth, and I am now one.

  15. Dodgeball Shorts!

    Posted by on Jun 19th 2014

    I use these to play dodgeball. Since I've started wearing them my speed has increased, my jumping ability is better, and my magical powers have started to show! I can't say it is all the shorts but it is most certainly not me. Beyond those reasons to buy these shorts, you will receive tons of complements and maybe even a phone number from the opposite sex. None of this is guaranteed but it could happen.

  16. Wicked pissah!

    Posted by on May 9th 2014

    These shorts are super light and comfortable and, in the first few weeks, I've already received dozens of compliments on them.

  17. So Sweet!

    Posted by on May 1st 2014

    The concept is great!!!!

  18. Really nice

    Posted by on Apr 8th 2014

    Really awesome shorts that will get you lots of compliments. On the field and off. I played my first game with them a week ago and it was fabulous. They are really comfortable and I would wear them all the time if I could.

  19. The last ultimate shorts you'll ever need.

    Posted by on Dec 3rd 2013

    Do you want the euphoria of childbirth, the satisfaction of a warm summers day, and the fulfillment of a well organized 401k all for 32 dollars? Then these shorts are for you.

    Recommended purchasing by the dozen. You'll never be able to play on a team that's not fully outfitted with these again.