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Sunset Peaks Hydro Shorts

$35.00 $16.00
(You save $19.00)

Product Description

--- Love it or send it back! You get free returns for a whole year with the Five Guarantee! See details. ---

The road to Sunset Peaks winds leisurely through the mountains, views of the valleys cascading through the breaks in the trees. The knock-off Wayfarers feel heavy on the bridge of your nose, and you can’t quite remember the last time you cleaned the lint out of the headphone jack on your iPhone. And so here you are, out on the open road. Why do they call it that? Isn’t every road open? I suppose this road isn’t that open, when you really think about it. The trees come right up to the edge. This road tunnels through green, orange, and red. This road leads to Sunset Peaks. This road makes you glad you made your Spotify playlists available offline because there sure as hell ain’t any 4G LTE coverage up here and you’re already almost over your data limit anyway. So yeah, you could say things are pretty chill.

Product Reviews

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  1. These Shorts are on FYE-UHRR

    Posted by on Jun 15th 2017

    Love Hydro material, love the design. I make 1.5x more layouts when I wear these shorts and my hammer completion rate goes up by 17%.
    The discount is super appreciated.
    10/10 will wear again.

  2. Awesome

    Posted by on Feb 12th 2017


  3. Aces

    Posted by on Feb 11th 2017

    These shorts are just right in my style wheelhouse. I've gotten tons of compliments. It's not super clear from the photos but the dark color alongside the red and orange is brown, not black, which gives the design a nice bit of unusual character.

  4. Enter the Underworld

    Posted by on Nov 13th 2016

    As I wore this flash shorts, it soon became apparent with my cuts that I was able to enter the Underworld with each cut and appear deep in the end zone just like the Demogorgon. In fact, my opponents quaked in their little tiny track shorts, their goosebumps visible from 20 feet. I recommend these shorts for anyone who wants to become the stuff of nightmares.

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