TriTron Triton Shorts (U)

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If you're looking for performance gear, look no further. Our Triton shorts are true performance ultimate shorts. This extra light weight fabric won't absorb water or sweat and feels light and dry in ALL conditions. The mesh by the waistband allows for maximum airflow through the shorts and moves moisture out of your compression undergear so you're ready for anything heading your way. Full field hucks? no problem. Dishy give-and-go's? you're ready. Half-time dance-offs? you and these shorts were born for it.

This product is specifically tailored to be sleek while sprinting (check out some the in-action pics on our insta), yet they remain flexible enough for active pivoting and marking.

You're gonna look good out there in these shorts, especially with this polished design vaguely inspired by Tron. Did you catch that call-to in the name? we're so clever.  ok maybe not on this product but some other products are very clever. Don't ask me for examples... 

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