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--- Love it or send it back! You get free returns for a whole year with the Five Guarantee! See details. ---

The Five Ultimate Handwarmer is made to be worn while you play! The outer material is waterproof and the inside feels like sticking your hands into a ball of cuddly chinchillas. Use it on the line and flip it around to your back when the pull goes up. Then if you need some warmth during a stoppage of play, you can flip it right back around. Finally, a solution for all of you out there who wish you had a kangaroo pouch on your tummy!

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  1. Great but could be better for people with bigger hands

    Posted by on Jan 27th 2017

    Overall this product is fantastic, it does everything that it is intended to. My only problem with it is that I have bigger hands, and the opening for the hands is pretty small making it a hassle to take my hands in and out. But the space inside the hand warmer is good, it is just taking my hands in and out. Otherwise this is fantastic

  2. fuzzy

    Posted by on Jan 29th 2015

    Love it! Great for cold weather play, especially if you like to keep your throwing hand glove-free.

  3. worth every penny

    Posted by on Nov 30th 2014

    Worth way more than $15. Very good material quality. Way better than any disc store apparel i have bought.

  4. Cozy and awesome

    Posted by on Nov 27th 2014

    This handwarmer works so well, keeps hands warm on the sidelines and doesn't get in the way. Is durable (so far) and works so well, no complaints.
    Favorite modification: Putting heated hot packs in the handwarmer pre game and being cozy af.

  5. Great!

    Posted by on Nov 26th 2014

    I haven't gotten to use them while playing ultimate. But I did user them while hunting, and I gotta say, they kept my hands warm! That's why I got them, so I am very happy with this product. Thanks for providing a great product and a great business!

  6. Great

    Posted by on Oct 28th 2014

    Godsend on frozen nights and doesn't really get in the way. If you have a small waist be careful, It was almost too large for me (I have a 28-29 inch waist), but it does fit well.

  7. Very Satisfied

    Posted by on Oct 27th 2014

    These are both very warm as well as super soft, if you're playing in chilly or rainy environments I would highly recommend these!

  8. Yessssss

    Posted by on Oct 23rd 2014

    Cold winters in the alps in switzlerand! The inside of this is the fuzziest thing and an awesome all-around hand experience.

  9. awesome

    Posted by on Sep 26th 2014

    This is how I would imagine kangaroo's hands feel like in the winter, when they're outside in the snow...in Australia.

  10. 4/5/2016

    Posted by on Jun 11th 2014

    They keep my hands really warm but the problem is the strap doesnt strap on all the way so that it doesnt fall off my waist

  11. Hand saver for grueling tournaments

    Posted by on Apr 9th 2014

    Couple of weekends ago I bought this item for the Chicago invite and thank goodness I did. The days turned out to be beautiful but those 8am games were rough. Slip hand warmer in and this is amazing. Nicknamed "Chinchilla Hole."

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